Forklift Rentals: Cost Efficient Solutions That Fit Your Budget

Forklift Truck Rentals and Equipment Leasing

In today’s business environment, many of our clients need mobility that traditional equipment procurement methods just don’t offer.

Abel Womack’s Forklift Truck Rental and Leasing Programs offer alternatives that reduce term commitments, keep capital fluid, and even offer the ability to exchange equipment if a client’s equipment requirements change.

Single monthly invoicing includes full maintenance coverage which allows our clients to focus on their own business.  Clients benefit by reducing administrative efforts and removing unexpected repair costs from their operating budgets. We seek to understand our client’s unique business challenges and apply our considerable resources, experience and creativity to designing programs that get them the equipment they need, only when they need it, and at the lowest possible cost.

Short Term Lift Truck Rentals
Quick delivery from our fleet of over 600 lift trucks.

Long Term Forklift Rentals
Supplement client’s lift truck fleet at significantly reduced rates for requirements that don’t justify a long term commitment.

Usage Programs
Reduced term commitments on state of the art forklift equipment, at a monthly cost competitive with traditional five year leasing.

Certified Pre-Owned Forklift Equipment
Reduce capital expense by supplementing the client’s fleet with late model Raymond® lift trucks.

Rent-to-Own Lift Trucks
Term Rental with customized buy-out options.