Pre-Owned Forklifts: New Truck Performance, Pre-Owned Pricing, Only With Raymond ReNewed.

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When you need a top-performing pre-owned electric fork lift truck, Abel Womack is proud to offer its customers the highly engineered, energy efficient line of Raymond RENEWED™ Certified Pre-Owned lift trucks. We provide a wide selection of models and options to suit your specific needs, and all are backed by Abel Womack to ensure they perform at high levels, shift after shift.

  • Reconditioned to Raymond’s exacting specifications
  • Raymond OEM parts
  • Supported by Raymond’s team of certified technicians and service professionals

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All pre-owned trucks are backed by the best warranty in the industry

90 day buy-back guarantee
If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase,
return the truck for a full refund

30 day fork to bumper warranty
Covers defects in materials and workmanship
and all service adjustments

180 day major component warranty
Covers the most costly components for a full six months

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