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The iWAREHOUSE system becomes the first telematics solution to integrate multiple operational systems in a single, factory-installed display unit. At MODEX 2016, iWAREHOUSE and The Raymond Corporation unveiled the first truck model featuring the integrated display. The first truck will be from the Raymond® Reach-Fork series. In addition to iWAREHOUSE telematics functionality, the new display offers operators the ability to toggle between lift truck operations information, a height-tilt indicator and the Raymond Vantage Point® operator camera system displays. The display effectively streamlines multiple display hardware on lift trucks into one unit, thereby increasing operator visibility and minimizing the number of instruments with which the operator needs to interact.

“Since launching in 2008, iWAREHOUSE has pushed the material handling industry forward by unleashing the power of data-driven insights to help make operations more accountable, productive and effective,” said Jim O’Brien, vice president of telematics with The Raymond Corporation. “Now, we’ve put our unmatched industry understanding to work by enabling the iWAREHOUSE display to integrate with other display systems. It is an ideal solution for managers who want to get the most from their operations with minimal setup time.”

The updated iWAREHOUSE display is a factory-installed, user-friendly 7-inch full-color touch screen. There is no need to set up or install any additional telematics hardware on the lift trucks post-purchase to use iWAREHOUSE. Fleet and operations managers simply need to subscribe to the service, similar to satellite radio availability in newer car models.

“Optimizing material handling operations through data-driven insights is the future of the industry,” said Michael G. Field, chief executive officer for The Raymond Corporation. “This new approach moves telematics functionality from being an add-on to an integral component of the lift truck. It leverages the systems and information we already have to create an easier way for our customers to run better and manage smarter, and it just makes sense to offer more complete visualization of lift truck data.”

The Reach-Fork truck model with the integrated telematics display will be available for purchase later this year.

To learn more about iWAREHOUSE, visit www.iWAREHOUSEknows.com.

To learn more about The Raymond Corporation, visit www.raymondcorp.com or call 800-235-7200.


iWAREHOUSE is a telematics system that provides fleet management and warehouse optimization solutions compatible with any brand of lift truck. With iWAREHOUSE, managers can collect and report on operational and maintenance data for their industrial vehicle fleets and operators as well as ensure adherence to proper operator protocols and customizable parameters. Introduced in 2008, iWAREHOUSE is a pioneer solution in the material handling industry that offers an unmatched depth of experience and the ability to turn data into meaningful action. iWAREHOUSE is continually updated with new capabilities that make it easier than ever to identify data-driven insights.

About The Raymond Corporation

The Raymond Corporation is a global provider of end-to-end warehouse solutions, fleet management, forklift training and support to increase efficiency and lower costs throughout material handling operations. Raymond forklifts are engineered to achieve higher performance, enhance operator comfort and increase efficiency. Raymond manufactures a full line of forklift trucks — including reach trucks, pallet jacks, pallet stackers, sit-down and stand-up forklifts, orderpickers and turret trucks. The iWAREHOUSE fleet management and warehouse optimization system provides solutions to manage industrial vehicle fleets, labor efficiencies and warehouses. Additionally, flexible automation, customized solutions and industry-leading consultation from Raymond further enhance and streamline processes while helping customers to drive down costs. Raymond is a recipient of the 2015 Manufacturing Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan.

For additional information about The Raymond Corporation or to locate a Raymond Sales and Service Center, visit the company website at www.raymondcorp.com or call 800-235-7200. iWAREHOUSE®, Raymond®, Reach-Fork® and Vantage Point® are U.S. trademarks of The Raymond Corporation.

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