Hytrol's VP of Manufacturing Discusses Career Path Opportunities

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Chris Glenn, Hytrol Conveyor Company's Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering Operations, recently discussed careers in manufacturing in the company blog as part of Hytrol's celebration of Manufacturing Day. According to Glenn, "Manufacturing is at once both critically important and misunderstood. It's a career that requires skill, thought, and creativity, but has a hard time shedding the misperception that has plagued it for years."

The United States needs more manufacturing workers, but the misperception that these are dead-end jobs with back-breaking work has created issues with recruitment—especially in recent years. Put simply, the United States economy relies on this sector. There are 17.6 million jobs in manufacturing in the United States; that's 1 of every 6 private sector jobs. This is not a run-of-the-mill career to be taken lightly—it is the foundation of economic stability and the ninth largest economy in the world.

The opportunities are diverse and pays well. In 2013, the average manufacturing worker earned around $77,000 annually including benefits. That pay is $15,000 more than the average of all industries. Some manufacturing jobs are particularly conducive to starting a career with little to no debt. Welding, fabrication, assembly, machinists, and more can train for skillsets without spending tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars getting a bachelor's degree, and entering a career with a substantial living wage.

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