MHEDA Member Releases Childrens Book About Forklifts

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MHEDA member Frank Clark from The Lilly Company has published a series of childrens books revolving around a character that he invented, Franke Forklift. Says Clark, "This is a series of books that will use the material handling industry as its inspiration for storylines and characters. Each book will tell a story about Frankie’s adventures in a warehouse and will introduce additional characters along the way. All the characters come from my 25 years experience in the Forklift truck/material handling industry."
"My inspiration though, came from me 4 and half year old twin boys. At night before they would go to bed, I would make up different stories. One of those stories had to do with Frankie Forklift. On the weekend, I would sometimes bring them up to our warehouse where we had lots of forklifts and they would point at one and call it Frankie...One night, one of my boys asked if I could read them a book about Frankie and Frankie Forklift and Friends was born.
Frankie’s First Day at Work is about Frankie going to work on his first day and about how excited he is to work with Tony Towmotor. He meets a friend from warehouse school, Petee Pallet and is also introduced to a new friend named Sally Shrinkwrapper. There are several indirect lessons taught such as brush your teeth and pick up your toys to direct lessons taught like "When you try to finish your work to fast, you make mistakes. Slow down and do it right the first time" and "always ask your friends for help".
The Second book of Frankie Forklift and Friends is called Frankie unloads his first Truck and will focus on Frankie being afraid of the dark and also trying new things.
It is our goal to introduce the material handling industry to kids while using these unique characters like Frankie Forklift to teach simple life lessons."
Frankie Forklift and Friends may be purchased at - $13.95