Goods to Person UltraBot IE Offers Cost Effective Throughput in Storage and Retrieval Applications

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The UltraBot IE robotic automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS) from Integrated Systems Design - ISD offers goods to person delivery of totes, boxes and cases to high-speed workstations for order picking, consolidation, replenishment, returns, sorting, and work-in-progress in storage and retrieval applications, saving a significant amount otherwise wasted time.

The UltraBot IE offers 99.9%+ accuracy levels and can provide up to 85% improved space savings when compared to other systems. These cost reductions combined with time savings provide a fast Return on Investment (ROI). Lower system installation costs and reduced maintenance requirements allow for lower acquisition cost than multi-shuttle, crane, and other automated systems.

The UltraBot IE automated storage and retrieval system works by way of two or three tiered horizontal carousels and a robotic inserter/extractor. The inserter/extractor moves up and down the front of the carousels, automatically retrieving and replenishing items as it goes. Retrieved items are delivered to a conveyor where they are routed to workstations for picking or buffering. An integrated pick-to-light system assures accuracy. Completed orders are automatically taken from the workstation and routed to the next workstation or zone for further processing or back to the UltraBot IE for storage into the carousels.

A single UltraBot IE can process up to eight transactions per minute, 480 per hour. A three-unit system can handle up to 1,440 transactions per hour. By combining multiple tiers of horizontal carousels, even higher throughput is possible. Emphasis on non-proprietary components assures easy maintenance and lower cost of ownership.

Advanced slotting algorithms assure that inventory is properly organized to reduce bin and carousel movement. Adjustable bin heights provide high-density storage, as well as flexibility to change your storage configuration as needed.

Integrated Systems Design - ISD is a leading manufacturer, systems consultant, designer and integrator for order picking, packing, shipping and assembly operations for warehousing, manufacturing, distributing and retailing organizations in North America. ISD systems are renowned for their tremendous value, reliability and ease of maintenance. Systems are designed using technologies from the leading material handling manufacturers of the world.

Solutions designed by ISD focus on providing space savings, increased productivity, reduced labor, higher accuracy and system flexibility to change as an operation's activities change in the future. Utilizing proven technology and off the shelf components helps provide cost effective solutions requiring minimum maintenance and yielding fast Return on Investments (ROI).

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