Roundtable Discussion on 3PL Innovation hosted by MM&D uncovered key considerations to Protect and Grow Profit

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John Panunto, President - PSI Engineering featured in the 13th Annual MM&D Third-Party Logistics Guide, and a panelist on the 3PL Innovation Roundtable.

John Panunto, President - PSI Engineering participated in a 3PL Innovation Roundtable discussion. Along with fellow logistics and supply chain executives, the MM&D article, Turning on a Dime, discussed the importance of innovation. The panelists agreed that innovation occurs because of customer demand, internal push and a cultural shift. Innovations can be implemented in many functions of a business, including IT, customer care, automation and labor.

“Look at BlackBerry. They were the innovation superpower at one time,” states John Panunto, President - PSI Engineering. “At PSI Engineering, I lead my team to be innovative with our automation and laser mail technology, IT software and customer care - being innovative helps keep business on top,” concludes Mr. Panunto.

John Panunto discussed the constraints of high volumes, particularly with e-commerce operations, and how they will force companies to automate processes that were previously done manually. Ryan Persad, Director - Purolator Logistics stated “we’ve had no choice in our world, we’ve had to change. In order to compete and keep up you have to be flexible.” As the ecommerce industry grows, with all the steps it takes to get products from the racks to the trucks, doing it manually will increase errors and the costs add up. If each order costs a minute and a half to process and you have 2,000 or 20,000 orders a day, as a 3PL company, if you’re going to grow you have to automate your whole line.

MM&D, Materials Management & Distribution is Canada’s Supply Chain Magazine. The January/February 2015 issue is the 13th annual MM&D Third-Party Logistic Guide. Emily Atkins, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief brought together a group of executives, who are well versed in keeping ahead of the curve, to talk about what innovation means and what some of the most interesting developments are in the logistics realm. Roundtable panelists included: John Panunto, President - PSI Engineering; Ameet Sareen, Manager, Cargo Products - Air Canada Cargo; Greg Braun, Senior VP Sales & Marketing - C3 Solutions; Jim Jones, VP Solutions & Operations Excellence - Schenker Logistics; Ryan Persad, Director - Purolator Logistics; and Joe Tersigni, Senior Director Of Sales, Ontario - Groupe Robert. For more information and to read the article, Turning on a Dime, visit:

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