Bar Code for SyteLine Product Released on x/DC 4 Solution Platform

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Next generation platform adds Data Collection for SyteLine module

Radley Corporation announces enhanced technology for SyteLine ERP users on its 4th generation technology platform, x/DC 4.  Radley's enterprise-class manufacturing solutions, including software and services for Automotive EDI, Data Collection, Labor Tracking and Shop Floor Control provide flexible, configurable options for the automation of SyteLine business processes. 

Radley software has been helping SyteLine ERP users improve quality and maintain compliance for over 20 years.  "By building upon our existing technology we knew we could expand our solution set and provide even greater assistance to organizations working to increase the return on their ERP investment," said David Barks, Vice President of Radley Data Collection.  SyteLine/DC is a .net XML-based barcode/RFID solution that offers performance and availability unachievable by other solutions.   It simplifies the collection of data attributes, where a robust query and configurable reporting options make it easy to drill down into the details and granular parent/child relationships. 

Well known for its staff of experienced Automated Data Collection Industry consultants; Radley can help evaluate manufacturing and processing cycles to suggest solutions for replacing manual efforts into lean, efficient and automated systems that allow customers to be proactively compliant.  By streamlining data entry and daily operations, and automating manufacturing and material handling transactions, Radley's x/DC solutions provide a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality to SyteLine transaction management. 

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