Fine-Tuning the Supply Chain for Mid-Market Expansion

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Staying competitive in today’s dynamic business environment is challenging for any organization. As a mid-market company, market expansion may be the right move as you pursue new business opportunities.

Although the supply chain is historically perceived as a cost center rather than a value center for many organizations, when the supply chain is aligned with business strategy, you can create a powerful tool that keeps your mid-market business agile as it expands into new markets.

Your mid-market company, however, cannot grow faster than its supply chain infrastructure; understanding the range and limitations of your supply chain is critical for expansion. Your supply chain should be robust enough to withstand changing local, social and environmental demands while remaining agile enough to react to market shifts. This article explores some of the supply chain risks to expansion and provide strategic recommendations on how fine-tuning your supply chain can alleviate those risks.

Risk Management

Many of the risks that every mid-market organization faces each day fall under the supply chain umbrella. A complex supply chain with large numbers of moving parts, tight customer fulfillment timelines and demand volatility is increasingly driving outsourcing to become the rule rather than the exception. Whether risks are deal-breakers, or simply force your company to think or operate outside its comfort zone, it’s important to view multiple perspectives. Here are some risks common to the supply chain that your business should consider.

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