Material Handling Suppliers

Abel Womack strives to work with only the best suppliers of warehouse material handling equipment.  The companies listed below are all experts in their respective fields and offer innovative yet price conscious equipment alternatives.

Raymond Lift Trucks

The Raymond Corporation
The Raymond Corporation is the leading North American provider of material handling solutions that improve space utilization and productivity, with lower cost of operation and greater operator acceptance.

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Warehouse Carousels and Shuttles

Kardex Remstar
Kardex Remstar is a leading supplier of storage and retrieval carousels and shuttles. With a huge array of products, Kardex Remstar can meet your requirements for storing and retrieving everything from electronic parts to tool & die fixtures. The company manufactures horizontal carousels, vertical carousels and vertical storage modules. Complimenting their machinery, Kardex Remstar offers automatic extractors, pick-lights and software to maximize the efficiency of your system.

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Conveying Systems

Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.
(see our online store for Hytrol products)
Hytrol is a major manufacturer of conveyors, conveying systems, and conveyor accessories. Since its inception in 1947, Hytrol has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of warehouse conveyors and conveying hardware in the world. Because Hytrol is rooted in the fundamentals of innovative design, competitive pricing, exceptional customer service, and excellent product availability, it continues to flourish, satisfying thousands of customers on a daily basis. Design, pricing, service and availability are their way of life.

Automotion is one of America’s leading manufacturers of powered roller and belt conveyors for the mass retail, warehouse and distribution industries, combining innovative engineering, powered roller and belt conveyors, high speed sortation and accumulation conveyor. Automotion has provided conveying system solutions for many of the largest retail and distribution companies throughout the U.S.

Jervis B. Webb Company
Webb overhead powered warehouse conveyor systems offer a creative twist to transportation and storage requirements. Utilizing single line of power and free overhead conveyors, Webb can develop conveying solutions that free up floor space while meeting the most stringent positioning and transportation requirements for loads ranging from 5 lbs. to 500 lbs.

MODU Conveyor
MODU Conveyor provides modular solutions for every phase of the production line.  The MODU conveyor system is easy to install and reconfigure, reliable, easy to transport, yet economical to own.  Parts are made of lightweight materials, such as aluminum alloy and engineered plastics designed to exact tolerances for an easy, yet accurate fit.

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Fuji Robotics
Abel Womack and Fuji Robotics have partnered to bring you the best in robotic palletizers. Founded in 1944, Fuji is the world leader in robotic palletizers, with over 9000 installations worldwide.  The versatility and wide range of features makes the robots ideal for many palletizing applications, including bags, cases, pails, drums and shrink-wrapped pack and bottle applications.

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Zero pressure accumulation conveyors are great for a wide range of package and product sizes. From small lightweight packages to heavy pallets, EZ Logic models are improving efficiency in today’s fast-paced business environment.

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Moving items by conveyor in one direction is no longer enough. Factories and warehouses must have more to remain competitive. They must be able to sort their items from line to line, from area to area, from receiving to packing, and from the manufacturing area to the shipping department. It must all be done quickly and efficiently.There are many ways to sort products in this way. The speed at which the product is to be sorted will decide the best type of sortation method to be used.

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Specialty Solutions

Hytrol manufactures a variety of conveyor and related systems to meet special circumstances.  Abel Womack can help you choose the specialty conveyor that will best suit your needs.

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Pick Modules/Storage Systems

Pick Modules are engineered racking systems that integrate different storage solutions inside multi-level work platforms that move product efficiently through a distribution facility.

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Warehouse Management Software

FastPic Inventory Management Software

The FastPic suite of inventory management software provides high throughput transaction speeds with point and click simplicity.

Feature-rich supervisory reports, bulk storage management, pick branding, continuous batch picking, plus controlling one or multiple workstations and equipment including rack, shelving, pick-to-light flow rack, carousels, VLMs and more.


WaveTrak warehouse management software is one of the most reliable and dynamic warehouse management systems available in the industry today. Its capabilities and features exceed those of many other warehouse management systems for a fraction of the cost.

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Pick to Light Solutions

Lighthouse Selection
For nearly 25 years, since CAPS first pioneered the computer assisted pick-to-light concept, we’ve been an acknowledged leader in high efficiency order fulfillment technologies and software. Now we’ve joined forces with DSG to become Lighthouse Selection, combining unrivaled expertise in system installation and service with the next generation of modular light-directed order selection, consolidation and put technologies

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Storage Systems

Mobile Storage Systems
Spacesaver Mobile Storage Systems uses mobile carriages to turn storage problems into storage solutions.  This high density mobile storage solution makes use of wasted aisle space and turns it into productive storage space.  The system utilizes the existing rack or shelving systems which are mounted on a low profile surface mounted track system.  The racks can be compressed and expanded as needed, with either manual or powered controls.

Frazier Pallet Rack Systems
Frazier is the leading manufacturer of structural storage rack in the U.S. Superior engineering combined with an extraordinarily durable hot rolled, structural steel rack results in an unparalleled combination of product design and durability. In addition to standard selective rack and double deep rack, Frazier specializes in push back rack, drive-in rack and rack supported buildings.

Unarco Pallet Rack Systems
Unarco is a large supplier of roll formed pallet rack and carton flow systems. Unarco’s unique T-bolt design is superior to conventional tear drop rack, and is available
in standard selective and double deep configurations, push back, or in combination with Unarco’s industry leading flow rack to make up pick modules and integrated storage/retrieval systems.

DAMOTECH Rack Repair Systems
DAMOTECH is a world leader in the field of upright reinforcement technology.  Damotech’s technology is designed to offer both a preventative and long-term maintenance solution that will eliminate the need to repair or replace damaged uprights and protect the original investment of the customer.

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Overhead Handling

(see our online store for Demag products)
Demag is the world leader in overhead handling systems. With cranes and monorail systems capable of handling products from 500 lbs. to 500 tons, Demag’s world class engineering can solve overhead handling products through off the shelf pre-engineered standard lifting systems or unique applications to specific engineered solutions. Demag has the broadest range of hoistscranes and track to meet every requirement.

As an innovator and leader in the enclosed track work station crane industry, Gorbel provides a wide variety of overhead solutions. Our work station systems include ceiling mounted bridge cranes and monorails, free-standing work station bridge cranes, work station jib cranes, and robotic work station cranes. We’re also a leading manufacturer of high-performance manual and motorized I-beam jib cranes.

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AS/RS (Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems)

Daifuku AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval systems ) provide versatile material handling solutions for factory automation as well as warehouse and distribution centers. Designed as the center of an integrated material handling systems, AS/RS deliver the speed and efficiency required for todays supply-chain management (SCM) environment. The Daifuku AS/RS line includes the best-selling Unit Load for pallet-size loads and the high-speed Mini Load for smaller items stored in totes or cases. Both offer high-density storage capacity in a compact footprint. All of the machines feature high quality drives for fast, smooth, and reliable performance. In addition, Daifuku S/R machines reduce energy costs with their low electricity consumption and power regeneration functions.

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