Sustainability: Energy Efficient Design and Products

Energy efficiency is so much more than specifying energy rated products.  It is a process that takes into account the latest technology, the best use of the customer’s time and resources as well as ROI.  Abel Womack is committed to an eco-friendly plan that provides our customers with the most efficient solution to meet their needs, using equipment that reduces waste and systems that provide value.

Energy Efficient Design and Technologies
Raymond Lift Trucks
AC motors have at least 10% higher operating efficiency than DC motors. The Raymond ACR system lets you change batteries less frequently and do less maintenance, which increases truck uptime.  Longer battery life means you can move more pallets per battery charge and with fewer moving parts, you will reduce parts costs.
Fuel Cell Technology
Hydrogen fuel cells provide greater productivity and lower operating costs than lead acid batteries.  United Natural Foods (see article below) adopted hydrogen fuel cell technology to power its Sarasota, FL distribution center lift truck fleet.  The switch from lead acid batteries to hydrogen fuel cells is expected to create an annual energy savings of approximately 640,000 kilowatt hours.
 Hytrol E24 Conveyor
Hytrol’s E24 volt conveyor reaches sustainability goals with the lack of an inventory needed for powered rollers, a longer life expectancy and the elimination of heat dissipation issues which are found with powered rollers.

 Wireless Work Orders

Abel Womack has embraced green technology through the use of a wireless, paperless iTech repair work order system running on Toughbook computers.  This web-based system offers timely, accurate and easily accessible information to our customers.  Our field technicians have instantaneous access to all necessary information and programs to ensure efficient and cost effective service to your lift truck fleet.

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