New and Unique Product Offering: TechMate Service Lift

The Faster, Simpler and More Flexible Solution to Service Lift Trucks

TechMate lifts pallet jacks, reach trucks and counterbalanced equipment to a convenient working height, facilitating the inspection and servicing of your material handling equipment.  Designed with your most valuable asset in mind, your technicians, TechMate improves their productivity and reduces equipment downtime.

Advantages of TechMate Service Lift:
• Ergonomic design reduces bending
• Increases equipment uptime
• Encourages more timely inspections and lubricating
• Built with fewer, longer lasting components
• Battery operated unit allows for quick, above ground installation

This ergonomic lift uses a powerful combination of automatic locks and a hydraulic lift to securely raise and lower electric vehicles quicker and easier than other conventional methods.

Constructed of structural steel mast beams and designed to accommodate the widest base legs on the market, TechMate boasts a lift capacity of up to 15,000 pounds. And, this battery-operated lift is completely mobile, providing flexibility and scalability to support other manufacturers’ trucks in your fleet.

Maintaining your material handing fleet is a critical component to maximizing your operation’s productivity. And without regularly scheduled maintenance, it’s a matter of time until emergency truck repairs occur, resulting in unexpected and costly downtime. So raise your maintenance levels to new heights with the TechMate Service Lift today—it’s your move.