Automated Storage and Retrieval Warehouse Systems: AS/RS Systems Deliver Speed and Efficiency

carousel_landing1Kardex Remstar is a leading supplier of automated storage and retrieval carousels and shuttles for warehouses. With a huge array of products, Kardex Remstar can meet your requirements for automated storing and retrieval warehouse systems (AS/RS) for everything from electronic parts to tool and die fixtures.

Kardex Remstar manufacturers:

width= In addition to their carousels and shuttles, Kardex Remstar offers automatic extractors, pick-lights and software to maximize efficiency for your system.

Daifuku AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval warehouse systems) provide versatile material handling solutions for factory automation as well as warehouse and distribution centers. Designed as the center of integrated material handling systems, AS/RS deliver the speed and efficiency required for today’s supply-chain management (SCM) environment.

The Daifuku AS/RS warehouse line includes the best-selling Unit Load for pallet-size loads and the high-speed Mini Load (below photo) for smaller items stores in totes or cases. Both offer high-density storage capacity in a compact footprint.

All of the machines feature high quality drives for fast, smooth and reliable performance. In addition, Daifuku S/R machines reduce energy costs with their low electricity consumption and power regeneration functions.

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